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What is PetSmile app?

What is PetSmile app?

PetSmile is a social media app for recording your pet life and sharing photos with other people.

Let's memorize your pet life and communicate with pet lovers!

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What can you do in PetSmile?

You can record your memories
with your pet!

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You can record your pet life easily.
The dates of visiting pet salon, pet hospital and etc, you can record these days, and leave comments and memo as your great memories of pet care.

You can show off your pet photos to other pet owners all over the world!

Pet photos

You can see pet photos and show off your pet photos all over the world. These photos include dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, parakeets, turtles and many other pets. Please tap "Like!" button and comment to your favorite photos. You can communicate with other pet owners easily!

You can set the Widget!

PetSmile Widget

You can set the Widget on the home screen of your smart phone.
The PetSmile widget can make you see photos, schedule and etc. which you record in the PetSmile. (Android version ONLY)

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