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PetSmile FAQ
Q.Do I need to register my account for this service?
By registering your account, you can use all the PetSmile services. You can browse the popular photos and a part of latest photos without registration. PetSmile services (Petcamera, PetSmile) use same user account . All you have to do is to register your account Petcamera or PetSmile. By registering yours, you can use whole functions of Petcamera and PetSmile.
Q.Can I register two or more pets?
You can register up to 5 pets.
Q.When I installed the one of PetSmile series apps, I automatically login to my account. Why?

You can use all the PetSmile series apps (Petcamera, PetSmile) by registering your account for the one of the apps. For example, when you login for PetSmile series apps such as Petcamera, you will automatically login for PetSmile. In the same way, when you logout from the one of PetSmile series app, you will automatically logout from the other PetSmile app.  *Android only

Q.Where are my posted photos saved?
Your photos are stored to SD card on your smartphone and to our server. ( Some devices store photos to their internal memory. )
Q.Can I upload NON-pet photos?
No. Our service is to share pet-photos. Non-pet photos might be removed without notice.
Conditions for deleting photo as at March 27th, 2013.
- There is no animals in the photo. But if there are some reasons related animals in the photo, the photo might not be deleted. We don't judge whether you breed the animal in the photo or not.
- If the photo violates the terms of services (offensive to public order and morals, etc.), the photo will be deleted.
Q.I don't want to show my uploaded photos to others. Can I post photos in private mode?
No. All the photos on our server can be browsed. If you don't want to show them, you need to delete your uploaded photos manually, To delete photos, please follow following procedure.

(1)Select the photo which you want to delete
(2)Tap the "Menu" button on the lower right corner
(3)Tap "Delete this post"
Q.I forget my password.
Please tap "Forget your password" on the "Login" screen of PetSmile to reset your password.
Q.I can't receive alarms from PetSmile after changing my smartphone.
Please reregister your schedule you've entered on your new smartphone.
Q.I want to stop an notification from an app when the app don't launch.
Please go through the following steps.
Please tap the right above menu button and select "Settings". Then please select "No auto notification".
Please tap "Settings" on the Home screen and tap the "Notification". Then please tap "PetSmile" and change the status of "Notification Center" from ON to OFF.
Q.Can I use Petcamera on any types of Android devices?
Petcamera works on Android 2.2 or later version.
(No guarantee that the app works on all devices which support the target Android.)
Q.PetSmile doesn't launch on my iPhone.
Please use on iOS5 or above.
Q.How can I post videos?
You need to create free YouTube account to post videos.
Q.I deleted my posts, but there still remain the videos in YouTube.
To delete your videos, please login YouTube and delete the videos. See YouTube help for further details.
Q.My personal information appears on YouTube after I posted videos.
Please login YouTube to change the default account information not to show your age and other personal information on YouTube.
How to change:
(The procedure can be changed.)
Click your YouTube nickname.
Then click edit.
Click the item that you do not want to show.
Q.What will happen if I block comments from a specified user?
If you block comments from a user, the blocked user will can't post comments to your post.
When you block comments from a user, system will not notify about the your block to the blocked user. But when the blocked user try to comment to your post, PetSmile app will show the message "Your comment is blocked".
Q.Can I cancel the PetSmile services?
If you cancel the PetSmile services, you CANNOT use the following services. And these poseted photos, records, profile and etc. will be deleted.

(PetSmile services)
- PetSmile
- Petcamera

Cancel the PetSmile services from here